This blog is intended to help connect the community of Bayou Village School, provide inspiration for home and school life, and reach beyond our own picket fence to encourage families with beauty, resources, and glimpses into our school life.

Bayou Village School, a Waldorf inspired program in Central Houston, has as it's mission to provide children with a rich experience that prepares them to meet the challenges of our world and the future with clarity of thought, a caring heart, and the confidence to initiate change using Waldorf inspired curriculum.  With a full program and homeschool programs available, BVS aims to strengthen families and children by providing a variety of opportunities that embrace individual learning needs.

The Blogger:

I'm Jessica Martin-Weber writer, mother of 5 daughters, 3 enrolled at BVS, musician, artist, and blogger.  Sometimes I knit too.  I love nature but I don't have a green thumb.  You can also find me regularly over on The Leaky Boob, the website I created and run for breastfeeding support.