Tuesday, November 15, 2011

This is our school

This is our school.  If your child goes to Bayou Village School you already know that it really is this picturesque and charming.  If your child doesn't, well, we can't wait to show you more about our school, our children, our families, and our joy in Waldorf inspired education.

Our school has something for children ages 3-6 and grades 1-5th.  In our community we enjoy festivals, gatherings, baking bread, handwork, lots of play, nature, gardening, friends, and learning.

I feel incredibly blessed to have my children at a Waldorf inspired school.  For years Waldorf was the kind of education environment I wanted for my children but the options in are area were limited and nothing provided the right fit.  After one school year in a Waldorf inspired school an hour away from our home we decided to homeschool our children, inspired as much as possible by the Waldorf model.  While we enjoyed homeschooling it wasn't quite the right fit for the needs of our family so we were very excited when Bayou Village School opened.  We are fortunate enough enroll our three middle children in the school.  Our three year old Evangeline is in the early childhood program, a Sweet Pea 2 days a week; our eight year old Helena and ten year old Lavinia are both in the grades programs, 3rd and 5th respectively.  Currently we're taking advantage of the partial week option, helping ease the transition from homeschooling the last 4 years to a classroom environment.  It's been such a gentle transition, giving my sweet girls time to adjust and embrace this new learning environment.  One of the aspects of BVS I appreciate so much is the flexibility to find what works for each family, taking the unique needs and situation of the students into consideration, embracing all in the community with gentleness and respect.  I couldn't ask for more for my family.

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